Münch Chemie

Composite Eesti OÜ Has Begun to Sell the Company Münch Chemie’s Mold Release Agent Series Mikon.

The company Münch Chemie International has won the European Composite Industry Innovation Award thanks to its cutting edge release agents.

In our product range, we now offer Mikon’s solvent base and aqueous semi-permanent release agents, as well as traditional waxes, which are also available as water based. Regarding industries, these products cover composite, as well as rubber and polyurethane production and other needs.

The advantages of Mikon wax are simple application, durability; in this way saving a lot of time and money, and more importantly, gives the mold surface a lasting high-quality shine. The products are also available in user-friendly, smaller packages.

For more detailed product information and instructions, please contact our sales specialists.

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